Jennifer Lin

Jennifer Lin

Ph.D. Student in Political Science

Northwestern University


I am a Ph.D. Student in Political Science at Northwestern University. I study American politics, specifically focused in political psychology, political behavior and public opinion. I also study political methodology with a focus on experiments, surveys and quantitative research methods.

I am a member of the Political Science Research Lab directed by Dr. James N. Druckman.


  • Political Behavior
  • Public Opinion
  • Political Psychology
  • Quantitative Social Science Research Methods
  • Experiments and Causal Inferences


  • Ph.D. in Political Science, (Exoected) 2025

    Northwestern University

  • BA in Psychology and Political Science, 2020

    New College of Florida

Technical Skills & Research Approaches

R Programming

Data Visulaization

Reproducible Research

Text as Data

Experiments and Causal Mechanisms

Survey Analysis


(2020). Measuring Morality. In NCF Thesis Collections.

PDF Project Website GitHub

(2019). Scott, Nelson, DeSantis, Gillum & Beyond$:$ A Look at 2018 Florida Precinct Returns. In FPSA Chronicle.



Works in Progress

Code Projects


`ncfposter`: A `tikzposter` for New College of Florida

The poster template is based off the UW–Madison Poster on Overleaf. Demo The outcome of the poster can be seen here: Using this Template The best way to use this template is to clone the GitHub repositiory in the link at the top of the post or here

`ncfdown`: A R Markdown Template for New College of Florida

This template was made based off the style created by Yan Holtz in the epuRate template. Thank you for your inspiration and assistance in creating this template Demo See it in action here: https://lin-jennifer.


Websites using Academic: What I Learned and What I Wish I Knew

The Academic theme on Hugo is quite a popular theme for people, especially academics to use to create their own websites, be it for a lab or as a personal portfolio page, like this one.