Jennifer Lin

Jennifer Lin

Ph.D. Student in Political Science

Northwestern University


I am a Ph.D. Student in Political Science at Northwestern University. I study American politics, specifically focused in political psychology, political behavior and public opinion. I also study political methodology with a focus on experiments, surveys and quantitative research methods.

I am a member of the Political Science Research Lab directed by Dr. James N. Druckman.


  • Political Behavior
  • Public Opinion
  • Political Psychology
  • Quantitative Social Science Research Methods
  • Experiments and Causal Inferences


  • Ph.D. in Political Science, (Expected) 2025

    Northwestern University

  • BA in Psychology and Political Science, 2020

    New College of Florida

Technical Skills & Research Approaches

R Programming

Data Visulaization

Reproducible Research

Text as Data

Experiments and Causal Mechanisms

Survey Analysis


(2020). Measuring Morality. In NCF Thesis Collections.

PDF Project Website GitHub

(2019). Scott, Nelson, DeSantis, Gillum & Beyond$:$ A Look at 2018 Florida Precinct Returns. In FPSA Chronicle.